How it works for Accountants

100's of Time Saving Templates Help You Solve (Real- World) Client Problems

Every template is fully editable, so your delivery is authentic. (We hate cookie cutter solutions!)


Start With Your Client In Mind

​Search For A Template That Helps

Primary Menu Search and Advanced Search functionality is assisted with 'Thought Logic' play sheets to make finding your client solution easy.

Watch The Tutorial Video or Attend The Personal Coaching Session

All our tutorial videos are paired to the template they serve; you don't have to sift through hundreds of videos to find what you want to know.


Record Your Training Time In The CPD Log

Our search function allows you to 'Push' content reminders to your CPD log so you can structure your learning path or, you can 'learn just in time' for client driven engagements. The choice is yours!

Deliver Your Client Solution And Put The Fees In The Bank

  • Every client account clones and archives from your own (branded) document set.
  • Every client account allows multiple internal (& external) users to be paired; each with seperate user rights.
  • Every client account is supported with automated reminders for future meetings and action (progress) plans.

We've solved the issues relating to leveraged advisory services, so you don't have to...


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Request a Demo and Get Started With Our 90 Day Best Practice Plan

After completing the Demo, you can see if Advisor-E is the right business advisory software for your team by completing a free client case study review. If you like what you see, we will tailor your 90 Day Best Practice Plan to ensure success.

The 90 Day Best Practice Plan is the fastest way to transition your team into business advisory services and grow your fee base from the 'bottom up’. Support includes both software orientation and content familiarity via ‘Platinum Hour - Client Case’ Reviews. Each plan is tailored to your team and client base requirements; structured meetings ensure steady progress is made whilst additional 'fair use' support is available between sessions to keep you moving forward. 

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