Introducing The Growth Fundamentals Framework

9 Growth Stages

Identify Current Position

5 Layers of Complexity

Identify Dominant Psyche Error

7 Growth Focus Tactics

Identify Next Tactical Focus

Devil's Toilet

Recognise Profit Plateau Levels

Split Point

Recognise Missing Skill Sets

9 Growth Aspects

Maintain Awareness

Why It Works

Why is the Growth Fundamentals Framework so successful at developing the skills and confidence of business owners?

Conceptual Hierarchies

What is a conceptual hierarchy and why are they so important to learning and dealing with radical change?

In strictly educational terms, a Conceptual Hierarchy is the 'breaking down' of a topic (Concept) into levels of complexity that range from general to specific. From a 'brain processing' perspective (Cognition) it's about how the brain processes new information based on the recognition and association of past information.

The saying 'A picture speaks a thousand words' is one way to think of a conceptual hierarchy; it's the utilisation of multiple pieces of information, all interrelating and when supported by Auditory or Kinesthetic involvement, helps the brain to 'trap the information' with greater efficiency.

The beauty of working with Frameworks is that they allow you to build your understanding 'on top' of what you already know, making learning faster. Once skilled, you can easily replicate your thinking with others or 'cross apply' it to different topics using the same framework structure. In effect, you learn from patterns and then when working with your advisor, those same patterns become your common understanding so you learn faster, together.

How We Develop Wisdom

Skill / Competency


Focused Improvement
Regular Practice / Varied Perspective
Applied Actions
Self Relevance


Skill / Competency


Where did the Growth Fundamentals Framework come from?

The framework was developed by a network of accountants who were keen to see business jargon reduced and in its place, introduce a common business language that both advisor and business owner could easily understand. The framework reflects a comprehensive understanding of both the business principles and the psychology of business owners since at the end of the day, we’re talking about people, going about their business.

So why was formed?

Advisor-e was formed so that a group of accountants could collaborate on the project of designing and funding the construction of a cloud based portal; that would make it easier for multiple advisors to work with their clients.

These same firms then stepped forward with an initial technology investment and agreed to participate in the Beta testing and the on-going improvement of the portal and its content.

Why does the Growth Fundamentals Framework include a mix of Education and Facilitation templates? (Can’t you just give me the advice – tell me what to do and let me get on with it?)

Providing Education is about empowering the business owner so they’re not completely reliant on their advisor; it’s about building the ‘knowledge blocks’ so the business owner can enjoy a ‘ more informed position’ from which to ask questions.

Yes, advice will still be given when required but importantly, the business owner must be ‘lifted up’ so they can confidently understand the Fundamental aspects of what they’re dealing with. It’s about using quality structure (Frameworks) mixed with quality data and insights, topped off with a healthy dose of business owner experience. Together, it works...